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"I am a Training/Learning Coordinator for...Company. When our Sales Director said in a meeting he wanted your company to do sales training for us, I didn't know what to think, we never had sales training from a vendor, the managers always did the training. The managers were grumbling because someone was going to be brought in. I must say our first quarter sales numbers looked much better than expected. I give kudos to Bdp Consultants."

Victoria S.
Training/Learning Coordinator

"We were hesitant to hire another training firm because our experience had been its all fluff. But, your team development session was constructive and beneficial. The entire department was impressed. We were able to successfully complete several projects a month ahead of the projected end dates. Our quality assurance and production project teams have stopped competing with each other and started working better together."

Jim T.
Production Manager

" from my sales team after the training camp was very positive. I was told the facilitators were very knowledgeable and the group was fully engaged. Our reps. have already started using some of the learned approaches."

Paul B.
Vice President, Business Development

"I attended your camp and have been working my territory like you recommended for about 6 weeks now. I sell business products and services for...Bank. My quarterly sales numbers have always been pretty good, even during the economic crisis. Three weeks ago, I closed a very large new client deal with...Company. I have closed large accounts before, but the reason I wanted to email you is because this time they called me. Your techniques are a much smarter and easier way to generate business."

Rick L.
Sr. Relationship Manager

"Your team building training is some of the best we've had in a long time. The material presented has changed behaviors. We will definitely have you back for this and other subject matter training."

Susan J.
Vice President, Human Resources
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