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Privacy Policy with Respect To Our Website:

Use of Information

BDP Consultants, LLC respects your right to privacy. We are committed to protecting that right. All information related to your interactions with us is kept strictly confidential. We review data and information compiled from our Website to better serve our customers, prospects for our products and services, and visitors to the site. BDP Consultants, LLC does not share, sell, trade or rent any user information to third parties. We do share information with our affiliates as an extension of our product and service offerings.


BDP Consultants, LLC does not currently collect personal identifying information via our Website except for information that a user voluntarily provides, or information that is provided automatically by a user's Internet Service Provider (ISP).


All orders are protected by Secure Sockets Layer protocol (SSL) encryption for credit card and other sensitive information, a service currently being provided by PayPal (visit for their privacy policy). BDP Consultants, LLC has only a customer/vendor relationship with PayPal.


Cookies are pieces of information that web sites transfer to your computer. Cookies perform various functions such as saving passwords, listing potential purchases and saving personal preferences with respect to particular web sites. This web site may at some time use cookies so that on future visits to the site, web content can be personalized or tailored to your interests. Your browser is probably set to accept Cookies. However, if you prefer not to receive Cookies, you can alter the configuration of your browser to refuse Cookies. If you choose to have your browser refuse Cookies, it is possible that some areas of our site that require the use of Cookies will not function properly when you view it.

Links to Other Sites

Our Website contains links to other sites operated by affiliates; and related and unrelated third parties. Please note that we are not responsible for the privacy practices of affiliates and/or third party websites, nor do we make any representation or endorsement of their products or services. BDP Consultants, LLC is not responsible for the content or the use of such websites, and disclaims any and all liability and responsibility. We encourage you to be aware of this when you leave our website and to read the policies of every website, particularly websites that collect personally identifiable information from you. This Policy applies only to this website.

No Contract or Liability

Nothing contained in this Policy is intended to create a contract or agreement between BDP Consultants, LLC and any user of this web site providing identifiable information in any form. All necessary steps will be taken to comply with this Privacy Policy, but to the extent permitted by Law, nothing in this Policy is intended to hold BDP Consultants, LLC liable for any failure to comply with this Policy.


BDP Consultants, LLC encourages users of our web site to review our Privacy Policy Statement periodically for updates that will be posted here. BDP Consultants, LLC reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy Statement at any time. Any additions or changes are in effect as they become posted on this site.

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